About Us

Sacrison Paving is a full service Asphalt Production, Asphalt Paving and Asphalt Maintenance Company.

We produce our own materials at our asphalt production plant located northwest of Spearfish.

Sacrison Paving was established in 2005 with a goal of improving paving quality with the finest in customer service in mind.  As past employees of a large international corporation, we found that the customer service and quality were taking a back seat to profits.  Through our vast knowledge and experience, we have created a company which provides great customer service and top notch quality at competitive pricing.

Our Experienced Employees

  • Jan Sacrison, President.  20+ years experience in local construction industry including estimating, project management, and business operations.  Jan currently oversees all business operations.
  • Will Sacrison, Vice President.  20+ years experience in Northern Hills of South Dakota as paving equipment operator, foreman, superintendent and business operations.  Will currently oversees field operations.
  • Nathan Jolley, Vice President/Secretary.  15+ years field experience in asphalt paving.  8+ years in human resources and insurance industry.  Nathan currently oversees Hot Plant Operations, Resources/Inventory and Human Resources for the company.
  • Chris Boom, Estimator/Project Manager.  20+ years experience in estimating and Asphalt Superintendent.  6+ years experience in drafting and transportation tech.  Chris currently supervises all field operations for the company and bids on work for the company.
  • Jimmy Richardson, Asphalt Foreman.  20+ years experience in asphalt paving and asphalt maintenance.  Jimmy currently runs an asphalt paving crew.  His area of expertise is residential driveways and maintenance on commercial and residential pavements.
  • Terry Patterson, Asphalt Foreman.  20+ years experience in asphalt paving and maintenance.  Terry currently runs an asphalt paving crew.  His expertise is in commercial and municipal paving and maintenance.
  • Scott Glatt, Equipment Manager.  20+years experience in heavy equipment mechanics and fleet management.  Scott is currently in charge of the Sacrison Paving fleet including over 50 pieces of equipment.
  • Bill Olson, Hot Plant Foreman.  8+ years experience in hot plant operations.  Bill currently manages all phases of asphalt production including daily operations and mechanical repairs.
  • Tiffany Ness, Accounting Manager.  5+ years experience in accounting, human resources, and business operations.  Tiffany currently oversees all accounting operations.
  • Field Personnel.  20+ skilled and experienced equipment operators and asphalt handling technicians.

Our Company Proudly Boasts

  • We are locally owned, operated, and purchase locally.
  • Employment supports over 25 families who spend their income locally
  • We generously support local charities, youth activities and local benefits
  • We are members of local Chamber of Commerces and other local development boards
  • We have five managers who are south Dakota DOT Certified Asphalt Technicians
  • We are Licensed in South Dakota, Wyoming, North Dakota and Montana
  • We have an outstanding safety record with numerous safety awards including; the Meritorious Achievement from the South Dakota Safety council.